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  • lucifer high beam
    July 22, 2021 Rin Otori

    Falling Prey to Seeds of Doubt and Fear

    In this group, we are trying to help people cross the beam Lucifer laid out for us. The beam was placed high above the ground, not so that we may fall to our demise. It was put this way to rise above the flocks of sheep and awaken to our true nature. 
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  • Demonic Knife
    January 3, 2021 Rin Otori

    Ritual Knives and Blood Offerings

    One of the major purposes of any Magick ritual is to create a shift in your consciousness. Rituals are designed to take you out of your ordinary state of mind and into the altered state ideal for Magick. The more effort you put into making your rituals special and significant, the easier it becomes to reach this state and get into your own personal “Magick zone” if you will.
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  • demonic magick
    December 1, 2020 Rin Otori

    Why Demonic Magick Works

    Luciferians follow what we know as the left-hand path. Right-hand path followers renounce all things tied to the ego—eliminating attachment to the bondage of form. The idea being if they kill off the lower form, the higher form is set free to unite with deity. Once free from all physical limitations, "freedom" is achieved, and the individual basically flys off into the light to never return. Essentially, ceasing to exist as an individual conscious co-operator of creation.

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  • ouija board
    September 11, 2020 The Order

    Demonic Ouija Boards

    In honor of the upcoming Demonic Ouija boards, I've written this post to address important concerns relating to divination, scrying, and communicating with Demons in general. 
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