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  • law of mentalism
    July 28, 2019 Rin Otori

    Why Every Witch Should Know the Law of Mentalism

    Most people operate through life only consciously working through the physical plane, Relying solely on their mind and body to take action to achieve a desire. Once you realize that your mind is the pervading nature behind all things, you’ve officially tapped into one of the core secrets of Magick. 
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  • The Path Carving Ritual of Hecate
    July 11, 2019 Rin Otori

    The Path Carving Ritual of Hecate

    Working with Hecate is a path towards ascension. For this reason, she tends to be more selective with regards to who she is willing to work with. People who have a genuine yearning for spiritual growth will be most successful in establishing a connection with Hecate.
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  • Lucifer sigil
    July 6, 2019 Rin Otori

    The Light Bearer's Call Ritual of Lucifer

    This is the most direct way to make contact with Lucifer, and it will determine your trajectory on the left-hand path going forward.  You are contacting Lucifer to ask him to take you under his wing and open your life up to dark magick.
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