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7th Protection of Love Potion Pyramid


The 7th Protection of Love Potion Pyramid

This limited edition 7 day Potion Pyramid Candle is highly concentrated and packed with potions Sidreal, Build a Bond, Transmutation, and Queens Chambers to highly guard, transmute, heal and exponentially grow your relationship with your chosen target for 6 months.

This relationship can be platonic or romantic.
You may also do this with yourself for extreme self care and trauma healing.

How to use: 

Carve your name into one side of the red pyramid. Carve your lovers name into another side of the pyramid. 

Light the wick and stare into the candle as you say the spell: 

"Mea necessitudinem cum amore ac
deducere praesidium, ut qui tenet
corde meo."

Allow the flame to burn for 6 minutes
while staring deep into the flame and
imagining your relationship and/or bond
stronger and more secure than ever.
Blow out candle after 6 minutes.
So this 7 days in a row. Discard after 7

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