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24 Days of Caishen: Luck and Fortune Advent Calendar

$421.00 $1,051.00


🐉🧧 "24 Days of Caishen: Luck and Fortune Advent Calendar" 🧧🐉

Celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with 7th Witch House, and the enchanting charm of our "24 Days of Caishen: Luck and Fortune Advent Calendar!" Embrace 2024, the Year of the Dragon 🐲, a symbol of strength, prosperity, and good fortune!

For just $300, unlock a trove of magickal riches with over $5,000 worth of potion products in this magickal set. Each day brings a new delight, featuring the most powerful mini luck and wealth potions and products bound to Caishen 🏮, the revered deity of wealth and prosperity.

Every morning, as you unveil a compartment of this beautifully adorned, large calendar box, discover a piece of Chinese tradition, meticulously crafted to bring wealth and good luck into your life. These applicable and powerfully charming items are ready to use, brimming with the joyful energy of fortune and happiness, requiring no extra spell work.

This collection is a cultural mosaic, blending ancient Chinese wisdom with modern mystical allure. From potions that shimmer with the golden aura of ingots 💰 to elixirs that capture the essence of lucky red envelopes 🧧, each product is a token of prosperity and joy.

In this Year of the Dragon 🐲, let each day’s reveal in the calendar guide you to a path of wealth, luck, and cultural richness. The "24 Days of Caishen's Prosperity: Chinese Wealth & Luck Advent Calendar" is your gateway to a year filled with golden opportunities, abundant fortune, and the legendary blessings of Caishen. 🐉🧧



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