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Dental Degeneration Demonic Hex Candle

$140.00 $314.00

Dental Degeneration Demonic Hex Candle

7th Witch House presents the "Dental Degeneration Demonic Hex Candle.” This 4-inch, revered demonic hex candle, meticulously crafted in the shape of a black tooth, stands as a testament to the precision with which it torments your target’s dental health.

Bound to the Royal Legion Demon, Glasya Labolas, this candle is a vessel of pain for those who wish to invoke the forces of retribution upon the ones who have wronged them, employing the curse of accelerated dental decay as its method of execution.

The curse encapsulates the entire spectrum of dental degeneration and ensures that the offender experiences the relentless pain of their declining dental health.

Each flicker of its flame is a countdown to the manifestation of their oral downfall, and the target will find no respite from the relentless advance of cavities, tooth loss, blackening, gum disease, and the harrowing pain of multiple exposed nerves.

The "Dental Degeneration Demonic Hex Candle" is not just about inflicting pain; it's about sending a clear, unmistakable message: “Cross me, and decay follows.”

Priced at $100, this candle is a declaration of your unwillingness to be trifled with, a symbol of your power to invoke dire consequences upon those who dare to wrong you.

Let the "Dental Degeneration Demonic Hex Candle" be your silent sentinel, your harbinger of vengeance, ensuring that your retribution is not just understood, but felt, in the very bones of those who would dare to cross you.

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