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Anti-Angelic Conduit Incense Kit


Introducing the 7th Witch House Anti-Angelic Incense Holder Kit, a vital asset for practitioners of demonic magick seeking to amplify their power and effectiveness. This meticulously designed kit is your key to transformative magickal experiences, elevating your practices by purifying your space of angelic influences and negative energies.

Innovative Ash-Proof Incense Holder: Central to this kit is the uniquely crafted incense holder. Its ash-proof design guarantees a clean ritual environment. Incense sticks are hung upside down, clamped securely in the center, directing ash straight into the glass container below. This feature ensures your sacred space remains pristine, allowing for uninterrupted focus on your magick.

Ease of Cleaning and Safety: The incense holder is designed with a detachable, transparent glass ash container, allowing for easy cleaning and ash monitoring. Its high-temperature resistance adds safety and reliability to your practice.

This powerful kit includes:

  • Anti-Angelic Conduit Incense Holder, Bound to Demonic Prince Leviathan: This incense holder is a potent conduit for demonic protection, specifically bound to Prince Leviathan. It features:
    • An ash-proof design for a clean and focused ritual environment.
    • A detachable, high-temperature resistant glass ash container for ease of cleaning.
    • A versatile conical clamp to accommodate various incense stick sizes, from 0.04 to 0.1 inches in diameter.
  • Anti-Angelic Ritual: A detailed anti-angelic ritual, enhancing your connection to demons while free of  and interference.
  • 25 Palo Santo Conduit Incense Sticks: Created with the most powerful cleansing properties, these incense sticks are ideal for purging spaces of angelic influences and fostering stronger demonic manifestations.

This kit is designed to significantly enhance the effectiveness and potency of your demonic magick rituals.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to get on of these highly limited kits today! 

$150 buy it now at: 

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