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Anubis Scepter of Safety


Discover the Scepter of Safety - A Golden Guardian for Your Child

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Anubis, the High Gate Keeper of the Intermediary Legion, commands respect for his steadfast protection and guardianship of the innocent. Anubis, a prominent figure in the ancient demonic and Egyptian pantheon, oversees the afterlife's intricate journey, safeguarding souls. But his divine duty extends further, offering his vigilant protection to the living, especially the vulnerable among us. Anubis seeks to protect the vulnerable from harm, pain, and undue stress.

We've drawn inspiration from this powerful deity to create the Scepter of Safety, a Demonic Magick children's protection necklace. But this is no mere trinket. It's a divinely inspired amulet, a potent symbol of protection that forms a bridge between your children and the mighty Anubis.

The Scepter of Safety is far from average. It's a masterpiece in jewelry design, meticulously fashioned from 14k gold plating and featuring a striking emerald jewel. More than just beautiful, this necklace is ritually bound to the High Gate Keeper himself, acting as a barrier against unseen dangers that could cross your child's path.

Every Scepter of Safety necklace undergoes an elaborate, sacred demonic ritual that binds it to Anubis. This process ensures that the protective energy of Anubis resonates within the necklace, transforming it into a beacon of safety and security for your child.

The magical power of the Scepter of Safety doesn't require your child to wear the necklace. Its protection extends as long as it belongs to them, offering a sphere of safety that shields them from negativity and harm. Every Scepter of Safety comes with a monthly spoken ritual designed to reinforce this protective aura around your child.

Adorned with mystically beautiful gold and an enchanting emerald jewel, the Scepter of Safety combines divine demonic protection with an undeniable style. It's a unique accessory that adds a touch of mythic charm to your child's ensemble, and a symbol of your love, warmth and protection as a parent. 

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