The Order

Baphomet Ring of Demonic Invocation


Prepare to immerse yourself in the extraordinary powers of Pan, a highly regarded Demon of the Royal legion, whose influence stretches far and wide. Pan holds the key to activating the most potent grounding spells for The Order and crafting the most powerful meditation, astral, and boosting potions for 7th Witch House. From Pan's Grounding Oil to the Black Magick Spell Booster, Wisdom, and Dragons Blood, his offerings are a testament to his remarkable abilities.

An invocation of Pan holds the potential to transform the chaos of one's life into harmonious order. With this remarkable ring in your possession, you not only attract the qualities of Pan but also gain the ability to invoke him for extreme results and profound assistance in your spiritual practices. Be it spellcasting, grounding, meditation, or divination, Pan's presence becomes your guiding light.

Invoke Pan, and witness how the power of his essence immediately grounds you, dispels negative energies, enhances your spellcasting abilities, and facilitates astral projection. Embrace the transformative energy that flows through you as Pan's wisdom envelops your being.

To assist you on this journey, you will receive Pan's spell of invocation. This potent incantation is tailored to be used with the ring, amplifying the connection between you and Pan, unlocking his profound energy and guidance.

This exceptional ring is adorned with pure crystals, carefully crafted to resemble Pan's favorite offering – honey. The symbolism behind this choice is profound, representing the sweetness of divine connection and the nectar of spiritual wisdom. Only 20 of these masterpieces have been brought into existence, ensuring their rarity and exclusivity. Once they are gone, they shall never be replicated. Do not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to own a true work of art.

Embrace the Necklace Type: Invocation Ring of Desire, a testament to your spiritual journey and desire for deeper connection. The main stone, a captivating honey crystal, radiates its enchanting allure, while the clear crystals as side stones add an ethereal touch. Crafted from sterling silver and stamped with the mark of purity, this ring exudes timeless elegance.

The adjustable ring size ensures a comfortable fit, tailored to your desires. This Invocation Ring becomes a cherished talisman, a conduit that connects you to the depths of Pan's power and wisdom.

Please note that for this Ring, only the Silver with Honey option is available. This particular combination enhances the resonance with Pan's essence, capturing the very essence of his favored offering.

Do not hesitate, my friend, to seize this extraordinary opportunity. Embrace the Baphomet Ring of Invocation Necklace, a testament to divine craftsmanship and the mysteries of the supernatural. Order yours today and become one of the fortunate few to experience the profound connection with Pan.

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