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Bastet Invocation of an Icon


⚱️Introducing the extraordinary "Bastet Invocation of an Icon"! The 7th Witch House takes immense pride in presenting this profound invocation, a gateway to the powers of Bastet herself.

🏺Bastet, an esteemed Intermediary Demon of the Intermediary Legion through the Egyptian line, possesses a mesmerizing influence, leadership skills, emotional mastery, and the ability to bend the will of others. She commands adoration from the masses, effortlessly leading, persuading, and conquering in any environment or situation, regardless of personal feelings. Bastet embodies protection, influence, and a complete lack of fear or acceptance of rejection. It is rejection alone that holds most individuals back from realizing their dreams.

This invocation offers you the opportunity to tap into the unparalleled abilities of Bastet, including, but not limited to:

• Compelling entire groups of people to positively change their feelings and opinions towards you in any given situation.

• Leading with unwavering confidence and captivating charisma.

• Retrieving lost love, time, and missed opportunities in fame.

• Instilling outrageous confidence even in moments of self-doubt.

• Transforming your biggest adversaries into loyal supporters.

• Emotionally disconnecting to become a leader and star.

• Having an unwavering fearlessness of rejection.

• Consciously and fiercely leading, regardless of your personal emotions.

• Standing tall with pride and bravery in the face of pain.

• Possessing unshakable emotional strength and protectiveness.

• Sensing and avoiding danger instinctively.

• Influencing situations of intense love and passion.

🏺This invaluable invocation piece bestows upon you an incredible advantage in all areas of life, enhancing your interactions and dealings with others. If you have not yet experienced the power of Bastet, now is the time to embrace her divine energy.

With this necklace, crafted with pure white gold and adorned with Swarovski crystals, you will receive Bastet's 7-day renewable spell of invocation, specifically tailored for use with this sacred pendant. It serves as a conduit, channeling her immense power and granting you access to her profound abilities.

Embrace the elegance of white gold and the brilliance of Swarovski crystals as you unlock the extraordinary potential within you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace the power of Bastet and invoke your own iconic persona.

Necklace Type: Bastet Invocation of Iconic Persona
Main Stone: Swarovski Crystal
Side Stones: White Sapphire
Metals Type: White gold over Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp: 925 Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 1 carat
Ring size: Adjustable

Step into the realm of divine power. Order your Bastet Invocation of an Icon necklace today and unlock the extraordinary abilities of this revered Demon. Embrace the transformation, seize the opportunity, and embrace your iconic destiny.

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