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Belial Samsung Phone Case


Safeguard your Samsung phone from the relentless forces of chaos with the remarkable Belial Samsung Case. This case is meticulously designed to shield your device from scratches, dust, oil, and dirt, while channeling the commanding energy of Belial, the first crowned prince of Hell.

Featuring a solid polycarbonate back and flexible, see-through sides, the Belial Samsung Case offers a perfect combination of durability and style. The precisely aligned cuts and holes ensure easy access to all essential functions of your Samsung phone, while the 0.02″ (0.5 mm) raised bezel provides additional protection for your screen.

Incorporating the latest technology, this case is wireless charging compatible, allowing you to charge your phone effortlessly without the need to remove the case. It's designed to make your life easier while keeping your device secure.

To ensure a perfect fit, please select your Samsung model below:

• Samsung Galaxy S21
• Samsung Galaxy S20
• Samsung Galaxy S10
• Samsung Galaxy Note 20
• Samsung Galaxy Note 10

At 7th Witch House, we believe in responsible production practices, which is why each Belial Samsung Case is meticulously crafted especially for you upon placing your order. By avoiding bulk production, we contribute to a more thoughtful and sustainable purchasing experience. We sincerely appreciate your support in making conscientious purchasing decisions.

Please note that the production of your custom-made case may take a bit longer, but rest assured that we prioritize quality and craftsmanship. Your patience will be rewarded with a case that combines exceptional protection with the empowering energy of Belial.

Protect your phone and embrace the power within. Order your Belial Samsung Case today and experience the transformative influence of the first crowned prince of Hell. Let Belial guard your device as you navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Secure your phone. Embrace your power. Choose the Belial Samsung Case.

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