The Order

Break Your Empire Skull Hex Candle


This powerful skull hex candle bound with Demons Valac and and Namtaru will effectively work to begin tearing down the empires of your enemies and will crush their grandest efforts to compete, excel or overtake you in any industry.

Instructions and spell provided:

This product is usable on up to two targets.

Carve target’s first and last name on back of skull.
Light three days in a row. 6 mins each time.
Repeat spell 3 times while lit and focusing your intention on the empire, group or company of your enemy falling.

Spell: “Imperium sine nomine hostis frangere per Luciferum Namtaru”

2nd target can be on bottom of skull if needed.

Target can be a company or individual.

Candle good for use on two enemies or same enemy twice.

Do not repeat on anyone more than once a month.

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