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Caishen Compass of Wealth


Are you struggling and financially lost? Are your efforts to achieve wealth consistently ending in failure? Do you feel lost in the complex world of finance? Is your future looking bleak and without prosperity?

7th Witch House has crafted an exceptional solution for you – the "Caishen Compass of Wealth."

This powerfully handcrafted Invocation piece is charged and demonically bound to the High Intermediary Demon Caishen.

Caishen is one of the most revered Demons of the Intermediary legion and a prominent figure in Chinese history.

• Caishen is the esteemed guardian of Prosperity and Wealth. Nothing passes through without his divine oversight.

• Caishen is one of the most favored Demons of the Legion due to his exceptionally fast power to guide and lead his followers towards riches, never succumbing to obstacles that would lead him away from his mission. Caishen never falters. Caishen never retreats.

• Caishen is a swift and strategic leader within the Intermediary Legion. If there's a financial problem to solve, he takes the helm.

• Caishen helps manage the financial hierarchy and assists in positioning those who are worthy.
• All things related to Caishen encompass wealth, prosperity, games of chance, financial acumen, power, and abundance.

Caishen is a determined Demon who prioritizes prosperity and wealth above all distractions and self-destructive tendencies.

With this invocation, you can be considerably aided in halting thoughts and behaviors that inhibit your wealth. You will prioritize financial intelligence, investment, and prosperity.

••The invocation of Caishen can redirect your financial path, compelling you to cease stumbling aimlessly in the financial wilderness.

***The invocation of Caishen can help put in your financial path incredible luck, a keen sense of direction towards profitable games of chance, and financial opportunities never before possible.

••••This invocation can help foster financial maturity, compelling you to make financially sound decisions that reflect wisdom and foresight.
••••• This invocation may also develop your organizational skills, which is advantageous as Caishen accepts only the most precise and meticulous of environments.

••••••This invocation will assist you in regaining control over your finances, discovering innovative ways to generate wealth and secure your future.

If you desire the capability to command, lead, restart, and manage your financial world, this is the invocation for you.

With this invocation, you will wield financial power, command respect, draw opportunities, protect your wealth, and maintain order over your financial future, and all elements that influence your economic status.

You will receive Caishen’s official invocation that can be used with this invocation necklace to invoke him if you so choose.

These are crafted with pure silver and demonically charged Swarovski Crystal.
Only 30 of these have been made and once they're gone, they're GONE! They will not be restocked anytime soon. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Necklace Metal Type: Pure Silver and Swarovski Crystal Main Stone: Swarovski
Crystal Metals Type: Pure Silver Metal Stamp: Silver Chain Type: Necklace Main Stone Size: 1 carat

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