The Order

Carbon Concord


For years, spellcasters have encountered a frustrating obstacle: the presence of activated charcoal would inadvertently neutralize the effects of their magical potions. This substance was once a spellcaster's setback, nullifying the magic of potions upon contact and leaving the caster's work undone.

However tonight we announce a giant breakthrough! 

7th Witch House presents a masterful remedy to this persistent issue with the Carbon Concord Potion! 

Casters need only to integrate a solitary drop of this potion into each of their other potion concoctions. This singular act ensures that the demonic magickal bindings within each potion bottle is not just resistant to the effects of activated charcoal but is actually now entirely unaffected by it.

Now, should a caster wish—or find themselves needing—to be in the presence of activated charcoal, they can do so with the assurance that their magickal endeavors remain intact and robust. The Carbon Concord Potion is the simple, elegant, and ingenious solution to maintain the integrity of your magick in any circumstance.

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