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Choronzon Horns of Chaos


Choronzon is the elusive soulmate of Lucifer, and an extraordinary being who will remain an ever-changing wonder of the world. She has endured a thousand lifetimes, and has grown and changed  along the way in every facet imaginable to survive. Choronzon’s biggest strength lies in her ability to not only regenerate her own energy, but also the intelligence to act, appear, and be whatever form that is mentally and physically most beneficial to her future. 
She can take any heartbreak, any disaster, and any setback, and turn it into sheer platinum. She will help you do this as well. 

As gentle as the breeze, and as dangerous as hellfire….Choronzon is a reminder that the truest beauty in life that can be found in chaos, and proof that change is the only constant. May she always remain a beacon of light for all who need her guidance.

This outstandingly beautiful custom hand made ritual headpiece is adorned with over a thousand stitches, bound to Choronzon herself, and is to be used as a demonic conduit source of power when you need the strength to survive, adapt, and rebuild your world. 

This headpiece will come with, and is to be worn while performing  the included, and never before seen by the public; “Rite of Chaos,” which will serve as a key to unlock the sealed doors to your purpose, joy, love, wealth, and spark of life that has been missing for so very long. 

These horns will arrive with all instructions and luxury packaging. Best of luck. 

-7th Witch House 

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