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Demonic Bad Luck Box

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7th Witch House Presents

🔥Demonic Bad Luck Box🔥

This powerful hex box bound to Royal Demons Forcalor, Valac, and Azazel was made to debut our most fun weekly use “slap on the wrist” hex potions made for targets you want to deliver a little justice to….but not completely ruin ;) 

Migraine Hex Potion - Demonically bound to Sabnock to demonically help cause intense blinding migraines. 

Overdraft Hex Potion - Bound to Azazel and Mammon to help influence someone drastically overspend. 

Car Trouble Hex Potion - Demonically bound to Forcalor to Demonically help cause electrical and mechanical issues.

Bloat Hex Potion - Bound to Shax to make someone have the appearance to others of drastic acute weight gain. 

Work Write-Up Hex Potion - Bound to Forcalor to help make a target get into repeated trouble at work causing either write ups, or being put into a position of responsibility for multiple infractions. 

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