The Order

Demonic Conduit Manifestation Matches


🕯This glass encased 3-bundle set of long demonically charged manifestation matches will help ensure a greater connection and results when using your your 7WH Potions, and when doing Demonic Rituals of The Order! 

🕯You will receive three 20-piece long stem colored sets of manifestation matches. 

💎 Set 1 is Red: Used for Love and Attraction Potions and Rituals. 🔥🌹🔥

💎 Set 2 is White: Used for all Self-Help Potions and Rituals. 🧸💗🧸

💎 Set 3 is Green: Used on Wealth Potions and Rituals. 💵😁💵

🕯This is a great deal because soon each set will be $25! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give an incredible boost to your rituals and results! 

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