The Order

Demonic Conduit Ritual Triangle


If you're serious about unlocking the full potential of your rituals, then the Demonic Ritual Conduit Triangle is the perfect product for you.

This official 18-inch, solid-wood white ritual triangle of The Order has been specifically designed to enhance your magickal work. All Demonic Rituals of The Order are traditionally done within this triangle, which has been charged with a powerful Demonic protection and acceleration ritual to keep you safe and make your ritual results charged to the brink.

With the Demonic Conduit Triangle, you can apply the ancient principles of Sacred Geometry to your ritual work, creating a conduit for your actions of intent that will bring you closer to the divine. The sacred triangle represents the process of development and getting to the highest point of change, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to elevate their magick.

Simply place the Demonic Conduit Triangle on your ritual space in the upright position with your sigil and candles in the center to experience the full power of this amazing tool. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your magick to the next level – order your Demonic Ritual Conduit Triangle today!

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