The Order

Demonic Amulet of Seduction

This pheromone packed demonic amulet is infused with a magick potion containing the combined powers of demons Lilith, Sitri, and Gremori.

Wearing this amulet will immediately cause you to become irresistible and attract the attention of potential sexual partners. Close contact with the amulet will cause others to be unable to stop thinking about you.

18' in length.

Not to be opened, and to remain as a sealed to keep its power.
Even concealed in a handbag, this amulet will still be very powerful.

This is usable for both men and women.
No spell needed. This works as soon as it arrives with a 9 month expiration.
Note* we have recently switched to screw tops rather than corks.

Depending on batch, appearance may vary slightly.

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