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Desire Me Deadly Attraction Potion Bar

This gorgeous limited edition Desire Me Potion Bar is all organic and packed with Shea Butter, sacred herbs known to be pleasing to our beautiful love Demons who are bound to the Best-Selling potion: Desire Me Deadly Attraction. This potion bar is loaded with pheromones, Desire Me Deadly Potion, and should be used whenever you want that extra sexy boost in your day.
Use it before date night, sex, or even as a daily pick-me-up to feel sexy and refreshed with our beautiful citrus rose scented bar. This bar leaves a beautiful organic shimmer on your skin.

Each wash works as a solid mini dose of desire me deadly and builds up with each wash!

Perfect for the serious magickal practitioner who has ascension as their number one priority!
You may also wash with it to enhance your attraction/love spell work, and before love demon evocations to increase your connection with your love demons.

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