The Order

Diamond Line Trio Potion Washes

$210.00 $670.00

🍃Dive in this Demonic kaleidoscope of power, wealth, and ecstasy with these three Diamond line shampoo and body washes from The Order! 

🍃 Do not miss out on this incredible deal on these large (13.5 oz) 3-pack set in modern luxury packaging and made with only the best organic scents and ingredients! 

Each wash gives you 24 hours of results without the spellwork!

This Luxury Kit Includes:

• Pecunia Fortuna  - For mass wealth! 💰

(Eucalyptus and Lime Scent)


• Take Me To Church - For Obsession and attraction! ❤️

(Warm amber and candy apple scent)


• First Class - For opportunity! 🛩

(Blue Hawaiian Scent) 

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