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Dragons Blood Potion Bar

This potion should be a staple in every serious witch's toolbox!

Give your magick a massive boost through the demon Hecate by using this supercharging potion bar. Each Dragons Blood Potion Bar is packed full of dragons blood potion, Shea Butter, and an organic herbal blend!

Choose Dragon's Blood potion bar to:

- Expedite your magical results from spell casting
- Improve your success rate with magick
- Achieve massive results in all areas of magick
- Recharge your energy and realign chakras.
- Greatly elevate mood

Can be used for all spell work including talisman charging, banishing, protection, sexuality, love, and healing spells.

This potion bar should be used in the bath or shower within 4 hours of spell casting if the intent is to use it to charge or enhance your magick. Or this can be refreshed every 24 hours for energetic and mood uses.

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