The Order

Elite Charisma Potion Pods


Are you ready for a magickal transformation? Get out of the shadows, and step center stage with Elite Charisma Potion Pods!
On top of a splendid Juniper and Egyptian Rose hypoallergenic wash, your clothing will be given an extra layer of magickal charm and magnetism for 1 week per load, that will draw in opportunities and people who are generous and bring wealth.

Our demonically infused potion pods will make sure that you get all the attention you want and crave, so why not give it a try today? You won’t regret it! Elite Charisma: Live the life of your dreams! We can’t wait to watch your dreams come true!

Each set comes in our custom luxury packaging, with 10 pods each. Results are good for one week per pod! That’s 10 weeks straight of the all powerful Elite Charisma potion working for you! 

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