The Order

Elite Charisma Potion Box

$523.00 $3,620.00

This UNBELIEVABLE Elite box is a combination of Elite wealth and the brand new Elite Charisma Potion! 

The Elite Potion is our most amazing publicly available $1000 potion which have brought several dozen customers over one hundred grand each! This box contains the

•Elite Potion Roller

•Elite Potion Balm potion balm 

•Elite Bath Salt Ritual 

These three products alone are worth $1500!


This box also contains the 

•Elite Charisma Potion - (Normally $750) Which allows you to charm and attract people who can heavily and positively influence your financial situation and social status! 

• Elite Charisma Spray

• Elite Charisma Conduit Ring

These three products are worth over $1100! 

This flash sale to celebrate our new potion balm is for only 10 boxes and only $375 for $2600 in products! 😱😱😱

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