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Extreme Beauty Shapeshifting Potion

Want to become the most beautiful version of yourself? This Extreme Beauty Shapeshifting potion is packed with all the magick you'll need.

Use this potion to:

- Enhance your natural beauty to its maximum potential
- Give your confidence a major boost causing you to radiate a very sexy vibe
- Develop your sexual charisma and popularity
- Attract fame under the right conditions

Users of this potion often report receiving tangible gifts, new love, and wealth as a result of their enhanced beauty. This is a personal favorite of the owner of 7th Witch House. Magick is worked through the demons Asmodeus, Lilith, Beleth, and Gremori.

This potion uses crushed sapphire as well as 24k Gold and pure Silver. Marination time is 8 weeks. This batch is prepared but limited and will sell out quickly.

This potion comes with candle and spell. Results last 6 months to one year. Renewable.

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