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Gold Rush Wealth Potion


This wealth potion is the most powerful mixture of the Demons of Midas, gambling, and the most powerful Vassago Demonic rituals on earth combined to offer you a rush of wealth through chance.

While this potion cannot and does not guarantee you winnings, it has been used in multiple experiments in games of chance that have resulted in thousands of dollars every time.

This potion packs the general wealth windfall abilities of Midas, plus it influences luck and finding hidden wealth. This may not always work through gambling and may instead work through finding money, receiving generosity, gifts, loans, favorable financial decisions, winning contests, and more.


To do original activation: Anoint gold or white candle wick with one drop of blood and 12 "rolls" of the potion.

Light candle for 6-12 minutes. (Do not go over 12) During the 6-12 minutes: stare into flame and say spell "Vassago introducent grandi pecunia fortunisque plurimum fortuna”

For daily use or use at casino: Draw a circle with the potion rollerball on each inner wrists and one on the back of your neck. Bring your inner wrists together and say: “Vassago introducent grandi pecunia fortunisque plurimum fortuna” Also can roll on machines (don’t get caught) or scratch offs

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