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Guanyin Empathy Diamond Line Potion Box

$418.00 $1,602.00

Guanyin Empathy Box 

This master crafted Potions box is a one of a kind set to get  you the love, support, compassion and care that you need.


This box contains:

• Guanyin Diamond Line Support Potion - To help you retrieve the support, excitement, approval and help from the people you desire it from. Draws your inner circle and/or targets to approve of your ideas. ($450)

• Guanyin Condolence Potion (Diamond Line) - To help you get care, assistance, understanding and empathy from others when you have a hard time asking or expressing you’re pain. ($450)
•Environmental Harmony Potion - To make the energy and cohesiveness around, and between you and others harmonious, even when you feel chaotic. Also helps prevent you from isolating when you’re feeling down. ($150)

•Guanyin Empathy Potion Spray - Helps you be more understanding of others needs and helps you be better able to “read a room,” and better sense others emotions. 

•Environmental Harmony Potion Bar - Will help you better balance your mood and energy. ($35)

•Guanyin Empathy Conduit Ring - Will highly increased results and connectivity to Guanyin and her potions within this box while wearing it. ($99)


This box contains a Diamond Line potion, and over $850 worth of products! Do not miss out. This one will sell out fast! 

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