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Hairless Expansion Black Diamond Demonic Hex Potion


If someone has started acting funny with you, then be hilarious. 

7th Witch House proudly presents: “Hairless Expansion,” A black diamond demonic hex potion bound to Royal Demon Glasya.

This powerful concoction is designed for those who wish to impose a curse of rapid weight gain and intense hair loss upon those who wrong them. If someone decides to jest at your expense or betray your trust and goodwill, this potion grants you the power to enact revenge in a manner both unique and severe.

As the afflicted individual experiences an unbalanced expansion of their form coupled with the loss of their hair, they become a living breathing warning of the consequences that will occur with the crossing of you.

With 'Hairless Expansion,' your response to betrayal or mockery is not merely personal vindication; it's an act that ensures others think twice before taking you lightly. Wield the might of this potent demonic mastery, and watch as the tableau of your retribution comes to life.

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