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Halphas Demonic Invocation of Efficiency


7th Witch House proudly presents the Halphas Demonic Invocation of Efficiency. 

Do you have multiple dreams, passions, or directions you want to take, but are unsure of what is right or profitable? Do you feel like you have multiple road blocks and not enough time in the day to actualize your dreams? 

Do you wish for success, but find yourself not launching into completion? Do you long for pride and respect regarding business and finances? 

If so, we have the perfect invocation for you! Halphas is a proud member of the Royal Legion who can help you find alignment, direction, success, respect, and can make all none helpful dreams and endeavors fall away, while helping you catapult forward in efficiency toward your dreams.

Halphas is a key help in the Celebrity Catapult potion and can get you extremely far fast.

You will also get to enjoy the assistance of Halphas’s major abilities including:

-Increase the growth of a business or institution you control.
-Can help you attain a better job or position. 
-Will help your employer see your value.
-Able to facilitate your rise in a rank in a group or organization by adequate planning over an extended amount of time.
-Helps capitalize and adequately utilize your skills to achieve your goals.
-Helps gain perspective on how to make your ambitions progress effectively. 
-Will help you receive respect at home.
-Can cause your enemies to lose sexual functions.

Dont miss out on this emerald masterpiece invocation that comes with a lighted box, luxury packaging, 7 day invocation, and a pure 925 silver chain. 

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