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Heaux Be Gone Witch Bottle


This ultra high quality leather encased Witches Bottle is bound to Lucifer with the highest Demonic Rituals to protect your home and the boundaries of your property from:

•Heauxs •Sanchos • Sneaky links •Side chicks. Scandalous family members• Shady friends • Nasty neighbors • the blast from the past who is “like a sister to him” • and anyone else who may try to have sex with your partner (without your permission) at your residence while in your presence and absence  for 6 full months.
This bottle is phenomenally powerful. You may bury this bottle or keep it in a safe space within your home to protect what’s yours.

Note....this is to stop this from occurring inside your home. If your lover is cheating trash, scandal can still happen outside the home. 


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