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Hermes Invocation of Business and Marketing


The 7th Witch House is extremely proud to present to you the Hermes Invocation of Business and Marketing.

Hermes is traditionally known as a Greek God, but is also a highly respected Intermediary amongst the Legion and is responsible assisting those who do business with great luck, speed, and expansion in their marketing and wealth endeavors.

Hermes is an aspect of Ancient Egyptian God Thoth in the Royal line of Mammon. Hermes is also called Mercury in Roman mythology.

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This invocation will help you take on the abilities of Hermes which include, but are not limited to:

• Being able to get word out about your business quickly.

• Will help you network with just the right people who see your vision and will want to invest in or buy from you.

• Will help your advertising stand out in front of your competitors.

• Will help you and your business become irresistible to others.

• Will help give you the drive, intuition and motivation to market better.

• Will bestow incredible financial luck on your business.

• Will assist your company message or advertising to be out in front of exactly the right people.

• Will help protect your business or job from harm.

• Will assist you in expanding your mind to new creative ideas.

• Will greatly enhance sales.

• Will protect you and your business from hidden obstacles and/or people who secretly wish you harm.

This invaluable invocation piece will give you an unbelievable advantage when it comes to interactions and dealings with others in business, marketing, and in all facets of life.
If you have not yet worked with Hermes, now is the time.
You will receive his 7 day renewable spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke him.
These are made with pure white and yellow sapphire.
Don’t miss out!

Necklace Type: Hermes Invocation of Business and Marketing
Main Stone: Yellow Sapphire
Side Stones: White Sapphire
Metals Type: White gold over Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp: 925 Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 3 carat
Ring size: Adjustable

****Only the Silver with Yellow and white Sapphire option is available for this Necklace***

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