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Hex-O-Ween Hex Potion Box


🎃🔥🎃Hex-O-Ween Potion Box🎃🔥🎃

We’re celebrating Halloween with this incredible hex potion box that is packed with generous amounts of the newest and most desirable hex potions. Don’t miss out on this incredible new limited set! 


This box contains 7 potions: 

Beelzebub Break You Down Potion - Used to break down the confidence, energy and mental state of your enemy. 

Ghosting Hex Potion - Used to punish those who just disappear on you for no reason or with no explanation. 

Limp Dick Potion - Used to render your enemy unable to get an erection. 

Hotdog Down The Hallway Potion - Used to make a woman’s private area loose beyond enjoyment. 

Blinding Migraine Hex Potion - Used to give your enemy extreme painful migraines. 

Tooth Decay Hex Potion - Used to crumble and decay your enemies teeth. 

Master Witch Potion - Used as a booster and accelerator with any potion and used on yourself to enhance your skills. 

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