The Order

Incognito Potion


Fantastic for concealing your intentions and maintaining your ritual work privacy. 

Can make your actions and intentions seem wholesome and can repel other’s interest in your business.

How to use:

To have an extra untraceable layer of disguise and security on your intentions or ritual work, write your own first and last name into the side of a white chime candle within. This will retroactively work to add an extra layer of protection to all past ritual work that is impenetrable regardless of another workers skill or ability to trace. 

Anoint candle w/ approximately 6 drops of oil. Light for 6 minutes. Focus your intention on the flame while envisioning an impenetrable fog like layer over you and all your past spellwork. Perform as needed/desired.  This part must be done at least once. 
*You may also additionally wear this potion after as a booster by applying a drop behind each ear or on pulse points as needed or desired. 

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