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Invocations of Tiamat


🐲The Invocation of Tiamat 🐲
This listing will include Two Invocation pieces of Tiamat. 

The first is the Invocation of Disassociation. This invocation allows you to boldly rise into the person you were meant to become, minus the trauma, pain and any potential abuse you encountered. This will allow you to not need your trauma bonds, or let anything hold you back. Tiamat will also work diligently to help heal your broken inner child. 

The second piece is the Tiamat Invocation of Rage. This invocation allows for you to send Tiamat toward your most treacherous enemies, and pay back all of whom you wish, that harmed you in the past. She will also burn necessary bridges if requested, and help you stand up against anyone. 

Both invocations come for one price. Do not miss out! 

Necklace Metal: White Gold

Gemstone: Colored and clear Sapphire

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