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Ixchel Invocation of the Blood Moon


               🛕Ixchel Invocation of the Blood Moon 🛕

Ixchel is a beloved goddess of the Legion and celebrated amongst legion and the Mayan peoples alike. Her name means great rainbow because of her incredible ability to switch personas at a whim. She was called a moon goddess, jaguar goddess, and doctor of the night.

She is strong, brave, intelligent, a leader, graceful, and a key in magick for the Mayans.
Her story is heralded for her overcoming her greatness weakness…..her heart. 

Read more about her story here:

This invocation is the Invocation of the Blood Moon. 
This invocation will give you the wonderful powerful qualities of Ixchel, but when the time calls for it, you will inherit the blood moon, and greatly rise up against anyone and everyone who tries to take advantage of, bully, use or harm you. Your anger will cause their submission. 

She will give you the ability to rise, even when you are afraid…..even when it’s against an adult that you love more than anything. You will be brave and mighty and rise.

Your aggressor will finally value you and take you seriously in full respect. She will bring out the strength in you that you never knew you possessed. 


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