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Lifetime Babylonian Reputation Tablet


One’s reputation has the ability to significantly alter the levels of love, wealth, and happiness within one’s life for better or worse.

Depending on your field of expertise, a damaged reputation could begin a domino effect that ruins your entire life. One must take care to guard and nourish their reputation so that their choices are not limited unfairly in the future.

While Ishtar's primary sphere of influence was related to matters of love and war, she also held the unmatched power to influence the emotions and desires of the masses, on behalf of a dedicated worshipper.

Additionally, as a goddess of war and protection, she was often invoked and evoked to be able to protect her followers reputation of good standing, wealth, and public favor steered away from damage, as well as granting them success in all their endeavors.

Luckily the same incantations and methods of Magick are still just as fiercely powerful today.

🔥 Introducing the “Babylonian Reputation Tablet” - the magickal solution to restore even the most damaged reputation, keep secrets and nasty rumors silenced, and the key to maintain a continuously rising, and positive position of public favor!

With the power of the ancient Babylonian magickal tablets, the Reputation Tablet from 7th Witch House can transform your reputation and help you shine in the eyes of all others no matter how they may have seen you previously.

Your name will become something to behold. You will break through all barriers imposed on you, and truly matter in the eyes of all.

The Reputation Tablet is handmade, and inscribed with ancient Babylonian magickal incantations written in cuneiform script. The tablet harnesses the power of Ishtar to attract positivity and success into your life, while also providing a protective barrier against negative energies.

Join the ranks of the ancient Babylonians and experience the traditions that harness the power of Demonic Magick for yourself.

Use the easy-to-follow instructions included, and order your very own Reputation Tablet so you can watch as this powerful Demonic Magick of antiquity transforms your name and reputation into something that you can truly be proud of.

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