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Limited Edition Life of Luxury Manifestation Kit

$489.00 $698.00

 Limited Edition Life of Luxury Manifestation Kit
Manifest the life you want, and the people who want to give it to you! 💎💸💰💵💴💳

72 hour flash sale!!!!

$500 in products for $125!!! 😱

💵Life of Luxury Kit💵

💎Pay Me Potion Candle - The phenomenal $150 Pay Me potion in candle form make people feel compelled to pay your or compensate you for your presence. 

💎Life of Luxury Networking Spray - Will help you attract the right people who can get you where you want to be! 

💎Manifest Attract Wealth Potion - A normally $250 potion that is a “Call to action” that makes people be the first to offer to give you money, a raise, gifts or assistance. No awkward conversations necessary. 

💎Life of Luxury Potion Bar - Will give you weekly doses of Life of Luxury. 

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