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Lucifer Ouroboros of Protection


 🐲Lucifer Ouroboros of Protection🐲

7th Witch House is so proud to present the Lucifer Ouroboros of Protection. 
This is not an invocation of Lucifer. However this is the closest connection possible. This Ouroboros is designed to honor Lucifer and to call him through ritual provided with the bracelet to wrap and protect you and help shield you from harm. This will also come with a red, lighted, high quality hard case bracelet box. 

This absolutely stunning 14k Gold plated over Silver bracelet is a one of a kind dedication and honor to Lucifer and will also greatly help connectivity to him and his Legion in all spell work. Only purchase if you are a serious and a dedicated Luciferian. These are highly valuable, limited and should belong in hands that wish to honor him.  

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