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Manic+Overjoyed Potion Lipstick: Casondra


7th Witch House is so proud to introduce our brand new Manic+Overjoyed Potion Lipstick! The shade is called “Casondra” who is our beautiful and brilliantly energetic cheerful mod that always keeps everyone fired up, and is absolutely suited for this Potion lipstick!

Moisture-rich, hydrating formula infused with nourishing Demonically bound oils and all organic skincare ingredients. 

This potion lipstick has a highly pigmented Instagram-worthy mauve color with a velvety soft finish as well as the intensely magnetic wealth pull and full effects of Overjoyed and Manic while wearing it! You will feel a burst of energy and happiness when you apply it! 

Cruelty-free high pigmented formula with a creamy, buttery feel and glide. This shade looks phenomenal on all skin colors!

Shade of Overjoyed+Manic Potion Lipstick : “Casondra.” 

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