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Midas 2 Candle


Midas 2 Financial Loss Transformation Candle

This Midas 2 bound debt transmutation and prosperity candle is potion infused and meant to be lit consecutively 7 days in a row for 6 minutes a day while saying the spell that comes with this candle.

We have harnessed a formula that allows for the transmutation of the bad events, debts, and disappointments and turn them into gold. Instead of simply adding wealth to your life, we will take the energy of past failures and cancel them out with equal success. If you have a history of bad decisions, major debts and significant financial losses then this is the potion candle you need.

This potion candle has all of the Demons in Midas Touch, but has Choronzon added in to do the master work of Transmutation to reverse debt and settle the score in your life. When all of your options for new money have run dry, it’s time to look harness the energy of the past to bring abundance in your future.

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