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Pan’s Grounding Potion Bar


🌳 Pan’s Grounding Potion Bar 🌳
Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Do you feel like you or your day is spiraling out of control?
The best selling “Pan’s Grounding Potion” is now a potion bar! This all organic cold pressed potion bar is packed full of Pan’s Grounding Potion, and is Demonically bound to Pan.

With each wash you get a full 24 hours worth of the calming and grounding effects of the Pan’s Grounding Potion! Face each new day with a fresh and clear mind! This bar can also help you snap out of a spiral of chaos and anxiety.
You may also consider using this before doing spell work to get in the proper focused mindset of doing magick. 


All organic. Cruelty Free. Discontinue Use if any irritation occurs. 


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