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Pecunia Fortuna


Introducing the Pecunia Fortuna Diamond Line Potion, a powerful tool for attracting unexpected financial windfalls and increasing luck, generosity, and opportunities. Through a demonic ritual connected to Choronzon, Clauneck, and Lucifer, this premier Diamond line potion is unmatched in its ability to bring positive financial energy to your life.

To further enhance the effects of this potent potion, we offer the Pecunia Fortuna Crystal Diffuser, which creates a constant and steady flow of good financial fortune in your home. By diffusing the potion across your entire space, you may find that people of value, opportunity, and generosity are drawn to your presence, while those with ill intentions or low value may be repelled.

With each unbound bottle of Pecunia Fortuna Diamond Line Potion, you will receive a 24k gold-rimmed bell jar, an authentic Fluorite crystal, and a wooden base. To use, simply place the melting crystal gemstones in the glass and add 10 drops of the potion. The diffuser will work its magic for one week at a time, covering an area of up to 108 feet.

This potion is unbound and usable for anyone within 500 feet of the diffuser, meaning it can benefit your entire family or household. Experience the rejuvenation and motivation to upgrade your life with the powerful Pecunia Fortuna Diamond Line Potion and Crystal Diffuser.

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