The Order

Penetration Black Diamond Demonic Potion

$209.00 $488.00

Prepare for the ride of your life. 🔥

7th Witch House is thrilled to unveil our latest creation; "Penetration." This intensely powerful black diamond demonic potion, bound to Royal Demon Beleth, ignites an unstoppable lust in all suitable adult sexual prospects.

It compels them to uncontrollably desire to either penetrate you or to be penetrated by you by any means necessary again and again, as if driven to a frenzy to experience you intimately.

Once activated, this powerful concoction charges your body and soul with an erotic magnetism that pulsates and throbs with demonic desire.

While you remain safely in the drivers seat of consent, the impact on others is profound and staggering.

Those ensnared by its influence are overcome with a primal urge to close the distance between simple attraction and physical union with you.

 "Penetration" offers a customizable ritual to suit your specific desires, whether you aim for targeted or broad effects. 

Moreover, it transcends gender, previous attraction, geographical distances, sexual preference, break ups, and even the relationship statuses of those you wish to enchant.

This potion acts as a powerful catalyst for erotic physical union, dissolving all barriers and ushering in the honest expression of human desire, compelling it to manifest intensely and unreservedly.

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