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Persephone Crown of the Rising Phoenix


Are you far from where you aspire to be? Does the pain of the past still hold you back?

Rise, Renew, and Reign with the: Persephone Crown of the Rising Phoenix! 

Experience an unparalleled transformative journey with the Persephone Crown of the Rising Phoenix, an embodiment of rebirth and relentless perseverance. This sterling silver masterpiece, meticulously plated with lustrous 14k gold, is more than just an accessory—it’s your conduit to an extraordinary life transformation.

Meticulously crafted by the renowned artisans of the 7th Witch House, this crown is bound to the revered Intermediary Demon, Persephone. Celebrated for her exceptional powers, Persephone activates the potent spells of resilience and rebirth, the same forces that drive the famed Rising Phoenix and Monarch potions of the 7th Witch House.

This conduit crown, when paired with it’s powerfully magnificent incantation, paves the way for you to rise above life's tumultuous fires and ascend into a realm of renewed strength and beauty. Embrace the transformative power of the Persephone Crown of the Rising Phoenix, and watch as your life begins to unfurl into a vibrant and beautiful new chapter.

Through Persephone's strength, your trials become triumphs, your hardships become hallmarks of resilience. Embrace this transformation and break free from the chains of your past. Arise in the full glory of newfound power, love, strength, and respect.

Each Persephone Crown of the Rising Phoenix is meticulously packaged in exclusive luxury boxes, accompanied by the vital elements needed for your transformation journey: the activation ritual, the crown, the sigil, and the candle necessary for your Persephone Rite of Transformation. Seize this powerful artifact and set yourself on the path to becoming the magnificent phoenix you were always destined to be. Rise, renew, and reign with the Persephone Crown of the Rising Phoenix.

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