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Professional Demonic Conduit Divination Potion Bar


• Professional Demonic Conduit Divination Potion Bar •

This Professional grade potion bar is a divinely mint-scented magickal took that is bound with High Demon Naamah. This bar is loaded with Demonic Conduit potion and sets you up for 24 hours per use to remove all blockages for the day, to clear your mind of anxiety and stress, and to turn your energy into a perfect conduit to communicate with Demons and spirits on a professional level without having clients or others negative energies attach to you. 

This bar is beyond vital if you do readings, spirit work, spell castings, or divinations. This bar works with all magickal paths, but is preferable to use only for Demonic work.

You do not have to be a professional occult practitioner to use this. If you want to use it on yourself to obtain all the described benefits for yourself, and want a gigantic boost in evocations/petitions, your potions, and in invocations, then this is phenomenal for you as well! 

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