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Purification Bath Ritual

This remarkable bath soak is dedicated to Demoness Nyx, whom is an expert on cursing and black magick. Nyx therefore is also an expert on curse and toxicity removal.

Nyx purification bath ritual soak can completely remove any and all toxic energies away from you in a single soak. If you have severe blockages in your life and people you need to be rid of, this is the potion for you. Do not hesitate to rid yourself of toxic omens. Set yourself free! Every experienced witch needs this in their arsenal!

This is to be used on the days when you can truly tell something is coming for your peace and happiness. Cut the ties and transform your day!

Your jar will contain enough potion powder for multiple uses!
Just scoop in 1/4 of the contents in a single bath and soak for 20 mins!

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