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Pursuit of Happiness Diamond Line Diffuser

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Pursuit of Happiness Diamond Line Diffuser

This Demonic Potion Diffuser is made with the strongest bound Demonic rituals tied to Lucifer himself, and used the deluxe Diamond Line Potion “Pursuit of Happiness.” 

This potion helps demonically give someone hope and motivation to get to a place of joy, love and peace. Get off your knees and stop begging for something that isn’t coming. This path is a true beacon of hope in real time. Go after the life you always dreamed of and get out of autopilot.

This can also help transmute hostility or feelings of anger or joylessness for your entire home. Not everyone has to perform magick in the home or space for it work.

Feel warm, safe, and alive again in your own home or desired space. You may use this anywhere, and it will work on anyone within 500 ft.

No permanent insignia on bell jar, so this can be disguised as luxury home decor. 

No spellwork needed and all instructions included. 


Comes with Luxury wooden base

White Howlite Diffusing Stones

Luxury 24k gold lined glass and bell jar

Diamond Line Pursuit of Happiness Potion



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