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Rebirth Demonic Potion Candle

This candle is to be used to help heal your past pain, trauma, fears and brokenness.
It is said that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You also cannot pour from a broken one.
This candle is powered with Lucifer himself to help you shed your past and step into your full potential and new chapter with bravery, strength and triumph.
This experience will be overwhelming and you will have to come face to face with your severest traumas and pain so that you may extinguish it in the flames. You will be required to speak into the flame and pour out your pain and fears that hold you back from ascension and happiness to Lucifer. You will then complete the ritual that is sent with the candle.
Afterward you will feel completely reborn from the abuse, pain, loneliness, loss and trauma of your previous life. This ritual only ever will need to be done once in your lifetime

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