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Red Love Hex Skull Candle

7th Witch House Presents our newest product:
“Love Hex Skull Candle”

7th Witch House provides the absolute strongest potions and products in the entire world, and this new candle is no exception. This one candle packs the punch of multiple spells in one.

Use this candle to destroy the love life and beauty of your enemy. This potion skull candle has been laced with strychnine, reversed desire me and vanity hex to send your enemy’s love life into a tail spin.
Not only will this person appear far less attractive to their mate and eligible suitors, but their mate will also find being with them to be suffocating and nauseating.
This will also cause intense strife and fighting in their current romantic relationship. Depending on the strength of the connection, this may also damage their platonic relationships as well.

How to use:

You will carve the first and last name of your enemy into the back of the skull candle.
You will light this candle 7 minutes every day for 7 days.
You will say the spell provided while the candle is lit.
You will adhere to the additional printed instructions.
After the ritual on the 7th day, you will dispose of it.

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