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Sex Siren Amulet

This sacred attraction and sex elixir packed Amulet is infused with five Witchhouse potions aimed at creating lustful encounters, higher rates of attraction, inquiries for sex and possible relationships.

Wearing this amulet will work fast to bring you extreme sexual attraction to you and begin to cause appropriate candidates from all directions to desire you sexually. Close contact with the amulet will cause appropriate sexual candidates to have intense sexual fantasies about you.
These fantasies can lead to dates, steamy hookups and sex, and even relationships! Possibilities are limitless.

Depending on batch, appearance may vary slightly.

18' in length.

Not to be opened, and to remain as a sealed to keep its power.
Even concealed in a handbag or pocket, this amulet will still be very powerful.

This is usable for both Men and Women.
No spell needed. This works as soon as it arrives with a 9 month expiration.

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