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Truth and Consequences Potion Spray Set


Introducing the dynamic duo of divine demonic magick from the revered 7th Witch House: the "Truth and Consequences" Potion Spray Set. Experience power beyond the realm of the ordinary, harnessing energies from demonic princes of the Royal Legion. This powerful two-piece set is the ultimate game-changer in personal interactions and communication.

The first potion, "Truth", is demonically bound to the 7th Prince of the Royal Legion, known for his ability to unlock truth and honesty. With an enchanting scent of juniper and jasmine, this 1 oz potion is not merely a fragrance; it's a powerful tool of influence. Just two sprays, and for the next 24 hours, everyone you communicate with will be under its spell, unable to hide anything from you. It is a confession elixir, compelling people to reveal their deepest truths.

The second potion, "Consequences", is bound to Prince Belial of the Royal Legion. This powerful entity brings to bear the full weight of responsibility and consequence on those who might deceive you. The intoxicating aroma of whiskey and sandalwood makes this 1 oz potion all the more potent. Two sprays of this formidable potion, and for the next 24 hours, anyone you communicate with will be overwhelmed with a profound fear of the repercussions of lying or causing you harm. It's the ultimate deterrent, promoting respect and fostering proper conduct.

Together, the "Truth and Consequences" Potion Spray Set forms a potent pair that will revolutionize your interactions, ensuring honesty, respect, and proper conduct from others. Don't just stand by and let deceit and disrespect color your world; take control and command the respect you deserve with this extraordinary duo of demonic magick.

Experience the extraordinary power of the 7th Witch House today, and transform your life with the "Truth and Consequences" Potion Spray Set. Prepare to be amazed as the world around you becomes a place of honesty, respect, and justice.

This is a limited edition launch, so don’t miss out on yours! 

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